IJACSA Journal, The SAI Org., England, Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2017, (ESCI and Scopus Indexed Journal)


Electronic Learning (E-Learning) in the education system has become the obvious choice of the community over the globe because of its numerous advantages. The main aim of the present study is to identify Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and validate them for successful implementation of the E-Leaning at Saudi Arabian Universities. This study developed a multidimensional instrument for measuring the E-Learning CSFs in the higher educational institutions of Saudi Arabia. The study reviewed various CSFs from literature and identified most important E-Learning CSFs which are described and grouped in five dimensions such as Student, Instructor, Design and Contents, System and Technological, and Institutional Management Services. The 36 CSFs falling under these relevant dimensions were then validated their importance quantitatively through university Students, Instructors, and E-Learning staffs of some well-known universities in Saudi Arabia. A survey instrument was developed and tested on a sample of 257 respondents of Saudi Arabia Universities. It was found that System and Technological dimension is the most significant as perceived by respondents. Results of the study discovered that all obtained factors are highly reliable and thus would be useful to develop and implement E-Learning systems.