IEEE International Conf. on Eng. Tech. & Applied Sci. (ICETAS), Salmabad, Bahrain Nov. 29 – Dec. 1st 2017


Nowadays, E-Learning becomes a preferable medium for learning. Digital technology has made it more attractive and useful with additional user-friendly features. Basically, E-Learning involves massive infrastructural resources to operate. It also includes the effective combination of hardware and software along with the involvement of individuals to make the system successful for the students. Since the students and teachers have become agile using state-of-the-art communication technology in teaching learning process, they look for the efficient and smooth knowledge transfer. Many researches have encountered the barriers for the successful implementation of ELearning in the universities. There is little research that uncovers the interaction of E-Learning barriers. The present study aims to provide the Interpretive Structure Modelling (ISM) and Matrice d’Impacts Croise´s Multiplication Applique´e a´ un Classement (MICMAC) based analysis to study such barriers of E-Learning. A digraph representing ISM model has been established to help the stakeholders to understand the barriers to successful implementation of E-Learning.