In: Saini H., Singh R., Tariq Beg M., Sahambi J. (eds), 2020, Innovations in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 107. Springer, Singapore


Cloud computing has come a long way to become an established platform to host the ICT infrastructure. Almost all of the Fortune 500 companies have cloud presence. And the latest announcement of Pentagon to offer a contract worth USD 10 billion to migrate to cloud shows the confidence level in the cloud infrastructure. Migration to cloud needs careful planning, strong business case, credible migration strategy, and robust migration frameworks. This paper reviews the area of cloud computing migration frameworks. It utilizes the co-word analysis technique of bibliometric or science mapping. The keywords of 299 research articles downloaded from the Web of science database have been analyzed. A 10 elements cloud migration tuple has been developed. Additionally, this paper gives cloud computing technology trends that have evolved to address the challenges of latency and jitter, context awareness, Internet of Things, voluminous data, and mobility support. The results of this paper will help in understanding the cloud computing and migration thereof.