IEEE International Conf. on Eng. Tech. & Applied Sci. (ICETAS), Bangkok, Thailand 22-23 November 2018


Electronic Learning (E-Learning) has become a new well-recognized approach in the field of education. It provides great flexibility of time and space in teaching and learning process. E-Learning provides an opportunity to educate in a very cost-effective fashion and to the society that doesn’t have access to the traditional education system. On the other hand, Online Social Media Networks have bridged the digital divide and made the lower strata of the society tech-savvy. In this paper Factors of Online Social Media Networks (OSN) that enhance the E-Learning, performance have been identified through systematic literature review using the framework of Denyer and Tranfield (2009) [1]. The results of this research will be helpful for policymakers and practitioners of E-Learning in implementing Online Social Media Networks (OSN) in E-Learning successfully.