IEEE International Conference Jordan Elec. Eng. & IT (JEEIT), Amman, Jordan 9-11 April 2019


In the current scenario E-Learning faces two major challenges, first to ensure the interoperability of ELearning (IEL) and secondly, developing quality learning through e-Learning. This research studies the concept, scope and dimensions of interoperability of E-Learning in education with special reference to King Khalid University then the connection and interdependence between with quality development. To impart learning and teaching through E-learning, KKU has adopted Learning Management Services (LMS) through Blackboard. The university has three types of learning and teaching methods; full online, Blended and Supportive. In this paper we have described the dimensions of quality and the standards of E-Learning for the objectives of IEL and quality development (QD) in KKU. The research is based principally on secondary data observed from KKU E-Learning deanship. Also sample of 20 E-Learning experts at KKU were given closed ended as well as semi closed questionnaires for evaluating the assurance of IEL and QD. These experts are mainly certified online facilitators and admin staff. Results provide the verification of application and presence of IEL and assured the QD process in KKU in imparting knowledge.