IEEE International Conf. on Eng. Tech. & Applied Sci. (ICETAS), Bangkok, Thailand 22-23 November 2018


Student satisfaction with the courses taught in various programs are one of the main factors affecting student achievement and overall success of educational programs. Technology has added a significant improvement to the quality of delivery, resulting in a performance equivalent to traditional face-to-face delivery modes. This paper is intended to evaluate the satisfaction of female students taught by means of interactive television (ITV) in Saudi Arabia and determining the factors that may predict the satisfaction in this medium. A sample of 108 undergraduate students pursuing various undergraduate programs were studied to measure their satisfaction on four facets of satisfaction in distance learning (course management; instructor; technology; and overall). The paper will be of significance to the various universities where students are being taught using ITV in understanding the aspects of a delivery that needs to be improved. The results of the study will also contribute to the extant empirical research on distance education.