Int. Conf. on Islamic Apps. in CS & Tech. (IMAN 2015), Konya, Turkey, 1-3 October, 2016


Knowledge users are always concerned about the validity of the knowledge. We study modern knowledge management and its basic model proposed by Nonaka. Humans have studied and managed knowledge since centuries. Similarly, there exist management theories since that time. One of them is Hadith knowledge management. Islamic scholar collected the largest number of hadiths several hundred years after the Prophet (PBUH). We study validation model they used to find the authenticity of the knowledge. We compared both modern Nonaka Knowledge Management Model and Hadith knowledge management. We proposed a new knowledge management module Farooqui Fauzan knowledge management Model (FF (Faroqui Fauzan) Model), here we add a new module, Validation to amalgamate the authenticity mechanism of Hadith knowledge management in modern Nonaka Knowledge Management Model. Furthermore, we propose a point based system to implement Hadith type of validation into the modern knowledge management.