IEEE International Conf. on Eng. Tech. & Applied Sci. (ICETAS), Bangkok, Thailand 22-23 November 2018


The cost of enterprise IT is growing due to the nonlinear expansion of IT resource’s requirements. Cloud computing, a new paradigm of flexible and cost-effective computing is being explored as the possible solution to make enterprise IT sustainable. Cloud computing also offers new cutting edge cloud native-platform to develop application composed of microservices. This paper investigates the strategies and procedures for migration to the cloud computing environment. Literature has been reviewed to illustrate upon the current state of the art strategies and procedures for cloud computing migration including tools provided by cloud service providers and application vendors. The tasks of cloud migration and procedures have been grouped into five phases and five generic strategies for migration have been identified. Future research directions have also been proposed in this area. The findings will help to stimulate the research in this direction and help cloud adopting organizations to analyze various issues and options for making informed decision for the cloud migration.