ACM proceeding of the International Conference COINS ’19, Crete, Greece 05 – 07 May 2019


Currently Big Data is the biggest buzzword, and definitely, we believe that Big Data is changing the world. Some researchers say Big Data will be even bigger buzzword than the Internet. With fast-growing computing resources, information and knowledge a new digital globe has emerged. Information is being created and stored at a fast rate and is being accessed by a vast range of applications through scientific computing, commercial workloads, and social media. In 2018, over 28 billion devices globally, are connected to the internet. In 2020, more than 50 billion smart appliances will be connected worldwide and internet traffic flow will be 92 times greater than it was in 2005. The usage of such a massive number of connected devices not only increase the data volume but also the velocity of data addition with speed of light on fiber optic and various wireless networks. This fast generation of enormous data creates numerous threats and challenges. There exist various approaches that are addressing issues and challenges of Big Data with the theory of Vs such as 3 V’s, 5 V’s, 7 V’s etc. The objective of this work is to explore and investigate the status of the current Big Data domain. Further, a comprehensive overview of Big Data, its characteristics, opportunities, issues, and challenges have been explored and described with the help of 51 V’s. The outcome of this research will help in understanding the Big Data in a systematic way.